Health Leader TV 2024

Welcome to Health Leader TV, an innovative online content series about the health management industry, which ACHSM has created in partnership with ASN Media.

Presented by experienced broadcast journalists, Health Leader TV features interviews with experts and industry professionals, reports and in-depth sponsored editorial profiles from ACHSM members and leading organisations.

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Sustainability & Community

In the healthcare landscape, sustainability and community engagement are paramount. As the industry evolves, green practices and community bonds are vital. This union ensures both immediate patient well-being and a healthier future, reflecting a holistic approach where individual health interlinks with environmental and societal wellness.


In the intricate web of Australia's healthcare system, effective leadership plays a pivotal role. It's not just about management, but about envisioning better patient outcomes, navigating policy changes, and understanding the human side of care. As the healthcare environment continually evolves, the importance of adept leadership becomes even more pronounced, influencing innovation, practices, and the overall well-being of the nation's communities.

Skills & Workforce

In the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare sector, the competencies and composition of the workforce stand as foundational pillars. As demands shift and technologies advance, equipping professionals with the right skills becomes imperative. From clinical prowess to technological aptitude and emotional intelligence, the industry recognizes the multifaceted nature of healthcare roles. Building and nurturing this diverse talent pool ensures not only the delivery of exceptional care today but also prepares the sector for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.